Thursday, June 28, 2012

#26 Laundry 6/27/12

Amy: I'm thankful that this laundromat is open at 6AM and closes at 12AM.  However, this does mean that I may be doing laundry at all hours of the night, like today.  I cannot wait until I have a washing machine in my building or in my apt...maybe in Spain?!

#25 Art 6/20/12

Amy: Hope II by Gustav Klimt.  Oil, gold, and platinum on canvas.  Amazing! One of my favorites.  Took this while at the MOMA when Sharie, my long time friend from college was visiting NYC.  I hope to at least get a print of this one day.

#24 Key Ring 6/13/12

Amy: Sofija, Marko's dear friend from home, gave this to me when we all visited Graz, Austria in the winter of 2009.  It's pretty sturdy, more so than some of the others ones I've had over the years.  It reminds me of her and our dear family and friends who are abroad that we don't get to see often.

#23 Love 6/6/12

Amy: This is a dinner that I love (shrimp scampi, rice, and greens with pumpkin seed oil) eaten with a man who I love.  I love when we eat together, which is often.  Of course, Marko cooks!

#22 My Shoes 5/30/12