Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#34 - Sunlight

Karen: We finally made it home to NJ and there has been no Sunshine! Since we came on Sunday there has been nothing but rain. This balloon however was waiting for us on the front porch to welcome us home. When I come and go from the house it's a reminder as to how much we were missed while we were gone and how happy everyone is to have us home.

Cassie: If you are checking this post after Sunday night, this is a new picture. I was not happy with my original picture, and this is how I wanted to picture sunlight when I saw this week's topic. My wish was granted on my drive home to New Jersey and I had to update the blog. I think it came out pretty good since I was driving and going about 70 MPH. When I think of sunglight I think of when the light is broken up from the cloud like this picture. My baby brother when he was really little said that this looks like God. I agree with him.
PS: I saw the balloon at Karen's house...its still there!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

#33 Road Sign

Karen: I saw a lot of road signs on our 3300 mile trip home....but this one was by far my favorite! This was outside a little souvenir shop near Devil's Tower in Wyoming (you can see the tower in the background) This shop had lots of random stuff but the cashier looked at Tim and I like we were aliens when we asked if she had any fresh flowers. (we were going to a friend's house and didn't want to show up empty handed) The town was also FULL of Sturgis motorcyclists which made the trip interesting as well.

Cassie: Recently there have been several traffic circles put in around our neighborhood. Being from NJ they are not new to me, but people around here aren't used to them at all. Its actually kind of scary, people def aren't going 15 MPH as the sign says. The circle by the NC State Bell Tower is two lanes but the circle is so small there is no time to get over into the right lane in time before the turn. The city of Raleigh should have consulted me during the design :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

#32 Milk Carton

Karen: So not a traditional milk carton- but it has to come from the cows first! Tim and I are in Greybull, WY now in route across the country and there isn't much here other than cows!
On a side note- the trip is going great and we have seen some amazing sites...and there are many more to come!

Cassie: I know I am showing off that I recycle but I feel more green when we get milk from Mapleview Farms. It's old school in the glass bottle and the milk is really good. They sell their milk at the Teeter and the new ice cream shop Fresh. in north Raleigh. All this milk talk is putting me in the mood for some chocolate chip cookies :P

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#31 My Favorite Store

Karen: My shopping days have been curbed lately due to lack of funds. We are trying to save as now Tim and I are both unemployed until we get to NJ and find new jobs. BUT I cannot get rid of my addiction to coffee and the wonderful espresso shops that surround me. Here is my absolute favorite: Wake Up Call. The building itself is what first drew me in. The whole place is a big old school phone booth. I just love cute and ingenious ideas. And the coffee and sales girls are great too!!!
Cassie: It was pretty strange to go to Target this evening and not buy anything. I did return some items. I am a bit of a guilty shopper. I am scared that Target might have me on a blacklist of crazy returners, but they haven't declined my credit card yet! You need anything? I am heading to Target to pick up a few things...