Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#17 My Phone

Karen: I just got this new phone last night! It's the Droid Eris and I have no idea how to use it! I switched from the Blackberry storm which I loved and hated at the same time. I love having a smart phone and being able to do everything with my phone since I am hardly ever home, but it was EXTREMELY slow. Hopefully this one is better once I figure out how to use it!

Cassie: When I buy a new purse I always make sure that there is good phone pocket. My latest purse has a great zip pouch for my phone. I am pretty sure its big enough for an iphone. I am getting really jealous of how much fun those things are. Allison almost bought me a bunny with the touch of her finger. I also heard that verizon is forcing people to buy a data package so if i have to get a smart phone might as well get the funnest one. I feel like such an old lady cause I still use my phone mainly to talk on it. With my last phone upgrade I made sure that I had a good key pad to text since there are people that just text. Love my phone but will have to see if I can handle leaving verizon to get an iphone. Keep you peeps posted :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#16 Work

Karen: So when we originally had our topics lined up and I saw a work one I thought...uh oh which job should I talk about?...well problem solved! As of next week Applebees will be my only place of employment. It's actually a pretty fun job and I have met some great people there. I took this picture of the sign out front and thought it was funny that I captured it as the sign on the bottom said "for a day of excitement" This is actually a message board for The Quilting Bee (a quilting shop in the same strip mall) advertising for some quilting retreats and such. Anyways it was pretty funny to me.

Cassie: So this is a picture of where I work, specifically my cube. If you notice there is the boring 3 month calendar that I referenced in a previous post. Unfortunately this picture downplays my HUGE monitor, but its pretty awesome and not everyone has one so I am special :) Karen you probably can't tell but the picture on my monitor is from the balcony in San Diego, the only sunny day we were there. I used to have a fish in my cube, but after almost 4 years, I had to flush Fishie down the toilet in the womens' room. That was a sad day at work...
Cassie 2nd Try: Gosh that was a depressing post and my cube looks sad but I wanted to say this picture doesnt give it justice. Thats all :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#15 Hobby

Karen: So I have recently started knitting again...This is something that Cassie actually taught me to do many years ago. (although I used to have her cast on and bind off for me!) Now I can do it all on my own. I'm not very experienced and don't know many techniques but I am very proud of the few projects I have completed. Check one out here:
Now that I'll be out of a day job I'll have some more time to work on getting some stuff done and increasing my skills! Get your orders in now! :)

Cassie: I have a few hobbies...trying to keep plants alive so gardening, cooked pad thai for the first time last night so some cooking, and I like to scrapbook years after the event but bf said thats a dumb hobby. I decided I want fashion to be my hobby. I finally went to the NC State Fashion show and it was pretty awesome. I love Project Runway, visit different fashion blogs, and just like getting ideas from the street. In Raleigh its not as crazy as when I worked in NY, but I think that I have grown into more of a fashion risk taker recently. But if i had Heidi's money and body (even after 4 kids) I am sure it would be a lot different.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#14 My Calendar

Karen: So here's my calendar....I also have many, but this is the one I keep in my purse and most importantly reference for the count down. While flying back to Spokane after the holidays this past winter I was bored on the plane so I started counting the days until the move back east. You can see the numbers in the lower right hand corner of each page. Right now we're at 208 days to go! I also am a big birthday card sender (when I remember) so I love to have the calendar in my purse so I can see who needs a card when I'm out shopping! The rest of my calendar is pretty much full of my work schedule between the 2 jobs....but that will be opening up for some "me" time at the end of the month, as the business I work at during the day is closing up shop. Although this will be a lack of a paycheck, I think in the long run it will be better for me to enjoy the 208 days left here in the Pacific Northwest!

Cassie: I think that all of us have several calendars, but the end all be all is our family calendar. Its more like a family calendar area, we got doc appt cards and invites to the weddings etc. This year at work I got the 3 month calendar per page, I keep getting confused at which month is the current month in the middle or at the top? I also have to keep updating my weekend events each time I flip the page because I need to see whats coming up. I like to look forward to the weekend while at work, but who doesnt. This is the first year I didnt get a fun calendar mainly being cheap since work bought the one I have now. I keep thinking that I need something cheery from my cubical...yup my cubical. I usually hit sad calendar store after Christamas but it closed before I was able to pick through the carnage. Until next year...