Wednesday, February 24, 2010

#8 Refridgerator

Karen: I love how our pictures are so sililar. You know what they say-"Great minds think alike!" well i say great minds ACT alike too!
When Tim and I first moved to Spokane one of the first tings Tim unpacked was our fridge pictures. As he started putting them all up my first response was- are we really gonna put that mess back up? and he said of course! I am glad he did! Everyday when I look at my firdge I don't feel so far away from everyone. We rarely take pictures down-just add to the collage. This shows many of my nieces and nephews and different stages of their life as they are growing up. One of my favorite pictures thought is of CASSIE! take a look towards the center- you'll see her dancing with my father- this was towards the end of Tim's and my Jack and Jill shower- after many beers!
If you are upset that there are no pictures of you- first of all there's a whole bottom of the fridge not captured in the photo and second- if you send us one it will go up! That's what we tell everyone!

Cassie: Being such a neat freak you would think that I would hate my fridge. But I love adding more to it and keeping the old stuff up there. I am able to look back and remeber memories from the times spent. For examle you can see the 'Q' letter magnet that was brought over by friends to entertain their children for Karen's engagement party a few years back.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#7 Weather

Karen: WET! That has been the weather here for days! But at least it's not the *white stuff* this year. We got enough of it last year to last a lifetime and I guess we passed it over to the East coast this year. I really think we have seen the end of winter here. It is warming up little by little each day and other than the gloomy dampness this past week I can't really complain.

Cassie: WINDY...and still pretty darn cold. I am ready for spring. And you could tell that from me coming into work with short sleeves and a vest. Even though I am freezing I keep on doing it ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#6 Coffee Break

Karen: so I dont really get a "coffee break" instead i just constantly have a cup of coffee at my desk at work...and my mug sums it up :) I'm trying to get everyone to realize it...

Cassie: Grande Ice Coffee, unsweet, no room is my order at Starbucks even when its 32 degrees out. I then add a little bit of sweetness with about a 1/2 a splenda and probably need room to add some cream. Mainly the reason for no room is because I am cheap and when they leave room they leave too much room. When I prepare my coffee I need to take several sips to make sure I got the correct ratio of splenda and cream so that usually leaves enough room to close the top.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#5 A Cloud

Karen: So I had a lack of clouds in the Pacific Northwest as well... but here is a shot I took this morning of some low lying rain clouds over the mountains behind my apartment. This really let me take notice of the beautiful nature I live in.

Cassie: Due to the lack of clouds in the sky I had to put my prefrontal cortex to work. I have to admit that I did get some help from Jennifer H. I pass this steam cloud on the way home from work. I have no idea why its there or its purpose but its getting bigger that someone needed to add a safety barrier around it.