Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#4 Dinner

Karen: TACO TUESDAY!! Is there even more to say??? This has become a ritual for Tim and I. We cook them at home and enjoy! TIP: it's all about the stand and stuff!

Cassie: I almost forgot my camera and dug into dinner before taking this picture. Thank you Ada for reminding me :) We enjoyed some apps and a bottle of wine at Cameron Bar. Maryland winning was also great, you can kind of see the game in the background.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#3 My Least Favorite Thing Right Now

Karen: I guess a good thing- but I really struggled with this week’s topic…I really don’t HATE anything right now. My life is pretty good day to day. I have my health and I have my love, what more could a girl really ask for?
Oh yeah- the answer to the Turtle Soup riddle!!!! Tim had given me this riddle during one of our many car rides from NC to NJ years ago. I played along for a bit but have gotten very frustrated in coming up with the answer. I’m normally very good at these kinds of brain teasers but cannot for the life of me figure this one out! So now I have given up and we have a framed recipe card for Turtle Soup hanging in our living room.
PS here’s the riddle…if you know the answer let me know!!!
A man walks into a restaurant, orders a bowl of Turtle Soup, takes one bite, goes outside to the parking lot, and shoots himself. Why?

Cassie: I also struggled with this topic, even though I worked on this list, you would think I had something in mind. I thought about it through the week and still even all day Tuesday I couldn't think of anything. Wednseday morning I finally figured it out, my shower sucks. I go to the shower and turn on the water and its ICE COLD! I turned off the water and ate my breakfast came back upstairs and tried again...ICE COLD! I turned it off, watched some news and tried for a 3rd time. Still ice cold and now its about 8:20 so I have to get ready and get to work. So I packed up my clothes for work and headed to the gym for a nice warm shower.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#2 - Transportation

Karen: A pretty unconventional form of transportation, I know, but those who know me understand my love for The Wizard of Oz. It has always been an ongoing joke with my family- they used to call me Dorothy when I was young because they always felt I was “in Oz”. It became so much so that I wore these shoes- my ruby red slippers- at my wedding day and danced with my father to “somewhere Over the Rainbow”
In more recent years, "There's no place like home" has really become a lasting phrase in my mind. Living so far away from friends and family has gotten to be a struggle, but I have my Scarecrow (Tim) with me and I know we will eventually be “home”.

Cassie: One of my neighbors has a great licence plate 'JEEPITUP'. I drove by his place for two days trying to be on the ball taking my picture, but he must have been away or something. Here is a picture of my Jeep (again late on a Tuesday night), which is currently without air conditioning, a static-y radio, over 174,000 miles and I just love it. I affectionately call my jeep 'Jeepie', sometimes a boy but sometimes a girl, but we have been through a lot. I know Jeepie and I will make it into the 200,000 club and will have many more adventures for years to come.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

#1 - Self Portrait

Karen: I am. I guess I took a little inspiration from Robert Palmer...maybe a little from Adam Lambert :) I guess it all comes down to-I love glitter!

I like to consider myself an artistic person… time (working 2 jobs) unfortunately has gotten the best of me and I don’t explore my artistic side as much as I would like. Hopefully through this blog I will reconnect with my love of photography and do a little self exploration as well.

Cassie: Well this is what you get at 10:45 on Tuesday night. I guess I have always been a little bit of a procrastinator, but I am very excited to do this blog with one of my best friends Karen. I will be on the ball better upcoming weeks ;)