Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#39 Friend

Karen: I almost chose the same picture as Cassie!! But Wednesday (humpday) was Amy's birthday. I was so happy to finally be able to celebrate her bday with her after so many years of living away from one another! We went to Astoria, Queens and had a fantastic dinner with lots of friends...we also drank lots of Prosecco (cause it was her champagne birthday!! (29 on the 29th))

Cassie: I couldn't just pick one this week :) I feel very lucky to have so many great close friends. When I tell people I keep in touch with my High School friends people are shocked. We try to get at least one big trip together in each year, and this year we were able to all be together at the US Open.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

#38 State of the Closet

Karen: I am very proud that we have been able to clean out multiple closets in the house. This one is in our bedroom (that used to be my brother's room) We bought a cheap organizer to maximize the space. It's working somewhat but we still have some rearranging to do before everything has a final resting place :)

Cassie: You can kind of tell that this is my sweater shelf. I am ready for fall weather and getting cozy in my sweaters. After taking this picture I can see that I need to get a little more colorful like my spring cardi's. Thanks to my shopping fairy I got a great blue sweater from a cool shop in Philly this weekend :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

#37 My Front Door

Karen: Lots of home pictures the past few this is where I am currently residing- back at "home" with my parents. It's nice to have a big house again and space to move around!

Cassie: I am so happy that this topic came up after our homeowner board finally allocated dollars to paint our house. The front door looks a lot better...wish my plant did for the photo op!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

#36- My Favorite Spot at Home

Karen: This is the center of my house. From this point there is an entrance to the kitchen, the living room, stairs going up and stairs going down. This room used to be carpeted which made it the perfect spot to lay on the floor and be in the middle of all the action. My brother and I did this often and Lucy also used to love this spot. Now it is hardwood so not as comfortable but there is an area rug not to far away in the living room which we have all migrated to. I still love being there and hanging out with the fam :)
Cassie: I had a hard time deciding on my favorite spot at home. I determined that the living room is currently my favorite due to the massive amounts of US Open tennis I have been watching. We have several comfortable seating options and our 'coffee table' has a nice soft pillow top that its great to rest your feet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

#35 - My Bed

Karen: I was a little worried about this week's topic until my bed actually made it into the room. Tim and I have a king size bed and my parents were convinced it wouldn't be able to fit up the stairs. They were wrong!!! Little by little we are settling in to our new home in NJ. (I'm a little afraid for when Cassie heads back to NC and there's no escape from my parents!) Lucy loved this week's topic as well because I let her jump on the bed for a short moment to snap this picture- let's hope I didn't give her the wrong impression that she's actually allowed to do this a regular basis!

Cassie: I thought about changing the topic so I didn't have to take this picture this week. I am home visiting the fam in NJ. When I come home I bunk with my baby brother. I made my bed because I always do. Its something I started in HS, because I couldn't start my homework until my room was neat, it was distracting. I obviously don't still do homework in my bedroom(s), but it makes the room look nice. (When you read this make sure that you say the 'but it makes the room look nice' is a jerz accent)