Sunday, August 12, 2012

#29 Water 7/18/12

Amy: Haha! Marko was telling us about a blog that had pictures of people in a horizontal position in the air.  This is my attempt! We were visiting my old roomie, Erin, and her husband, Jim, in PA.  They had a SALT water pool - AMAZING!

#28 8PM Local Time 7/11/12

#27 The Sky 7/4/12

Amy: This is the sky on July 4th! We were at a rooftop BBQ in Williamsburg.  Unfortunately, the fireworks were set off on the Hudson, not the East River, so they weren't as stunning as they used to be.  But, it was still a treat to be able to see them!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

#26 Laundry 6/27/12

Amy: I'm thankful that this laundromat is open at 6AM and closes at 12AM.  However, this does mean that I may be doing laundry at all hours of the night, like today.  I cannot wait until I have a washing machine in my building or in my apt...maybe in Spain?!

#25 Art 6/20/12

Amy: Hope II by Gustav Klimt.  Oil, gold, and platinum on canvas.  Amazing! One of my favorites.  Took this while at the MOMA when Sharie, my long time friend from college was visiting NYC.  I hope to at least get a print of this one day.

#24 Key Ring 6/13/12

Amy: Sofija, Marko's dear friend from home, gave this to me when we all visited Graz, Austria in the winter of 2009.  It's pretty sturdy, more so than some of the others ones I've had over the years.  It reminds me of her and our dear family and friends who are abroad that we don't get to see often.

#23 Love 6/6/12

Amy: This is a dinner that I love (shrimp scampi, rice, and greens with pumpkin seed oil) eaten with a man who I love.  I love when we eat together, which is often.  Of course, Marko cooks!

#22 My Shoes 5/30/12

Friday, May 25, 2012

#21 Brushing My Teeth

Cassie: This is my work toothbrush. I don't do it often, but sometimes you really need to brush your teeth after lunch. It was pretty common for people to brush their teeth when I worked in NYC, but down south I have gotten some strange looks in the women's bathroom.

Amy: My pink toothbrush. Thank goodness they never asked Marko and I to name the color of each other's toothbrushes when interviewing for his green card.  I don't think I could have done it correctly, let alone name my own toothbrush's color, and I see it everyday, twice a day!  P.S. I like Colgate better.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#20 Green

Amy: Greens in a green bowl with Pumpkin Seed Oil.  Yum! Pumpkin seed oil, my new addiction. It's ever flowing in Austria and much more affordable there than here.  I was so excited when our friends brought us two bottles!! I've been putting it on everything...You must try some!!

Cassie: Green is my favorite color (singing in the Aerosmith 'Pink' song)! So I def had a hard time trying to think of what green picture I would do for this post. Do I take a picture of my closet, with my many many green shirts and even  a pair of pants!?!? But these came in the mail last week. I designed them with my mom when we went to Palm Beach this spring. Note that these are NOT Jack Rogers they are the original Palm Beach Sandal that was originally created for Jackie O in the 60's ( It was a wonderful weekend and I will always be able to think of it when I look at these sandals!

#19 Smile

Amy: Smile! I am SMILING since I passed my licensing exam!! This is a picture from my celebratory dinner with work friends - Martine, Edtya, Adrienne, & Sari.  One of my first and few social events since finishing.  They took me for tapas, fitting isn't it?  

Cassie: This was my first time to the NC Zoo, and it was a lot of fun! I loved walking around for hours watching the animals. We got really lucky to see several during feeding time so they were moving around. I was pretty proud of my yoga chatarunga, not laying on the ground while getting eaten by the dino!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

#18 Grocery Store

Cassie: I am a little late to the trend, but I am loving greek yogurt lately. It's my go to afternoon snack,which def helps for the after work workout. I have determined that the kind I like the best is the Foodlion brand. The honey and the bluberry are my faves!
Amy: Marko and I have had a Costco membership for years, but this is the first time I've gotten my own card! Moving up in the world. Well I guess it's only a temporary one - their machine wasn't working yesterday :( We've stocked up on food because we have 4 friends staying with us from Austria! and, that makes for A LOT of food.  We just have to find enough room for it all...and them!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#17 My Phone

Amy: Do you see it? My phone, my first iphone, all pretty in pink.  This was my first iphone to get stolen, and the probably the only one that I have a picture of.  I am hooked on iphones...unfortunately.  Once you are in, its hard to get out.  All of my documents, music, email, apps - its difficult to switch to a blackberry after that.  You lose everything you spent so long creating.  I don't know what I'm going to do when we move to spain.  Guess i'll have to buy yet another iphone.

Cassie: I think it's funny that we take a lot of time to cover our phones.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#16 Work

Cassie: This happened with the first round of this blog, but it's perfect timing for this topic. With changes in life comes changes in work and I am currently "advancing on all fronts simultaneously". Thinking about how to capture this week in photo I immediately thought of Dilbert and someecards. Both are always spot on with the humor of daily corporate life, especially of the standard worker bee.

Amy: My work this week was spent in Cape Town, South Africa, where I presented my poster of my dissertation findings at the World Association for Infant Mental Health's 13th Annual World Congress.  What an experience this trip was! The conference was inspiring, the scenery was striking, and the people were very friendly and hospitable.  Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same for the social and political situation.  The disparity between the classes and races was extremely unsettling; I think that I learned more this week at work from dealing with my experiences as a white woman traveler, dealing with the privilege of race and background and imprisonment from breaches of safety and security, than I did from any lecture! Although I would not want to do this every week, as it was exhausting, my perspective and goals for my work will forever be different.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

#15 Hobby

Amy: Hobby? What's that? I haven't had much time over the last few years to even think of hobbies, let alone do them. But the times are a changin'! Marko bought me a semi-professional camera for my 30th birthday, and I cried. It was the first time that I actually thought it'd be possible to have a hobby, something I've been longing for...and it made me so happy. This is a picture I took last month of the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO. I plan to take many more pictures of NYC before we leave for Spain.

Cassie: There was a funny Someecard that said 'Pintrest is really just electronic hording', but I disagree. I actually have used this site for dressing in the morning with the outfit inspirations, made dinners with the recipes and have done some of the crafts that I pin on the site. When I was younger I used to do all sorts of projects like this and Pintrest has def sparked my creative juices again! I made this bracelet at a local bead store called 'Ornamenta' with my friend. The double wrap is def the way to go :) I used a little bee charm as the clasp due to my love of honey and slight obsession with the current plight of bees. I look forward to going with the winner of the challenge from the week of the refrigerator post to make her one as her prize.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#14 My Calendar

Amy: I transitioned from my notebook-sized paper calendar to outlook about a year ago. It is super convenient especially since I can sync my work and personal calendars, although challenging when your phone gets lost, stolen, or goes out of commission. I also still don't like how I can't scan the entire calendar for information, but have to click on each day. Still, I've made the switch and just as before, I really rely on my calendar for short term memory is shot.

Cassie: I didn't realize how much I depended on my work calendar until I was laid off at Peoplefluent, not Peopleclick ;) When I was home and looking for a job, I needed to keep track of my appointments and look forward to when I would start my new job. I have kept it up even after my new job has started. I originally tried using the calendar on Google, but it was too technical for me. It was messing up my current appointments that were on my phone. I use my phone for the reminder functionality for different appointments like paying my bills each month, birthdays and free yoga on Sunday's at lululemon.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#13 When I Went to Bed

Amy: I took this picture when I went to bed : 10:10pm. As you can see, our bedroom door is closed because Marko was already asleep. Usually I am the one in bed first. I was definitely ready for bed earlier, but stayed up studying for my licensing exam. I NEVER thought I'd say this, but I just love going to bed before 10PM. Best thing ever!

Cassie: Currently I am working on addressing the invites for Lauren's babyshower. I am def ready for bed, but I got them all done. I was especially excited to work with Karen (fellow 52 Tuesday's blogger) to provide a unique and beatiful invite for her. Nie Nie Tie Tie....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#12 - Idulgence

Amy: My indulgence is massages! I went this past weekend; with all of my stress lately, this indulgence keeps headaches at bay. An hour massage cost 45 dollars, amazing. I haven't been to this place in a while, and I think they've changed a few things. For one, I got a full blown frontal massage. Haha! This makes me think of many of my friend's massage experiences: Lau's infamous "water" massage and the masseuse who stood on Cassie's back in CA. Massages make you so vulnerable, and maybe not in a good way. I couldn't keep from laughing, and I was face up.

Lauren: Anyone that knows me well has realized that I have a profound love of fruit and veggies...a taste preference which I attribute to my mom. These days, however, I'd consider my level of fruit and veggie intake to reach "indulgence" standards-especially when it comes to grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, apples, spinach, and broccoli! My other indulgence, to which Brian can attest, is yogurt pretzels. That sweet and salty combination hits the spot. And yes, I may have sent Brian out on a late-night run (or two) for these....

Cassie: Wine night with the girls without a doubt. Cafe Catura has 1/2 price bottles, but I would say girls night is the real indulgence and the wine is our vice!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#11 - My Left Foot

Lauren: This foot was made for walking and running, and I am extremely grateful for these two activities these days, as this growing baby leads to some very tired feet! My feet are missing the comfy flip flops worn during our trip to Florida last week, and I can't wait until its warm enough to wear them here in Boston!

Amy: My left foot is sporting a new look! Just got these Lucky flats a week ago during a Macy's sale. I love them! Since we are moving to Spain within the year, we have some liberty to buy more clothes and shoes now because this type of merchandise is more expensive over there. We are stocking up!

Cassie: My left foot enjoyed a lovely bike ride on the greenway today. It was close to 80 degrees and with the time change we were able to enjoy a nice bike ride after work without worring about it getting too dark. Really wish I didn't swallow that bug towards the end!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

# 10- First Thing I Did Today

Amy: The first thing that I did this morning, besides put the covers back over my head, was think about how tired I am and how much more studying I have to do! I am taking the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP) in a few weeks and have to study almost 3 hours a day! ugh! This is the screen of my studying sessions on an online studying program, called Taylor Study Method. This is not only the first thing that I think about in the morning, but also the last thing I do at night. So sad!

Cassie: Dr. Oz told me that the best time to brush is in the morning. I also did it this morning before my dentist appt. I don't know about you but I stress before dentist appts. I know he knows that I suck at taking care of my teeth. I don't go to the doctor often but maybe I should...we takes those extra steps when you know there is going to be a judge of your actions. Guess that's just being human...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#9 Headline

Amy: Although I thought I'd take a picture of the Metro newspaper this morning for the blog, there were none. I thought, "This is strange. No newspaper on Leap Day!" But, then, I got on the train and my headline was clear as day - DON'T GET ON THIS TRAIN CAR! haha! A homeless man had made the car his home, and shat all over the place. no joke. Sh*t everywhere. And, there was no where for us to go, but endure it. Oh the irony.

Karen: EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!!! The Newsboys are coming to Broadway!!! Nothing makes me more excited than this! I have always been a fan of the old Disney movie Newsies starring Christian Bale (although he hates being associated with the film) It's such a great tale with amazing dance scenes! I cannot wait to get tickets to see the show- I'll probably go with my mom since Tim is A. not a fan of the movie and B. not a fan of Broadway- what did I ever see in him??? HAHA JK. It'll be a fun excuse for a girls date anyway.

Cassie: I sit in front of a computer all day, but there weren't any headlines that grabbed my attention today to add to this post. There is so much news all the time everywhere and most of it is negative. I like to keep this blog positive and Jeremy thought this would be funny...for him as usual!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

#8 - Refrigerator

Karen: I spend more time in this fridge than I do in the one at home. Here's the walk-in at my current job, and Alex who is so happy to be organizing and putting away the days order. :)Not as big as all the other full service restaurants I've worked at, but it's still freaking cold and a pain in the butt to have to go in!

Amy: The inside and outside of my fridge. The outside looks a bit better, as the inside has a merger amount of a food. The inside is stocked with eggs, GF bread, Marko's pizza leftovers, and tons of Yuengling. The outside is covered with pictures of BABIES and a few drawings from my niece Hannah. Just got a new save the date magnet for Annie & Bill's wedding 11-24-12!

Cassie: Quiz: What's new on the fridge from the 2010 post!???!?!? If someone finally comments with a guess you will get a prize....seriously :) And I promise there is something new.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#7 - Weather

Karen: We have been very lucky this winter with not too much of that 4 letter word. However we have gotten a bit of yucky rainy days. Sometimes I would rather snow, because at least its pretty to look at! This picture always makes me laugh. For those of you that know my mother, you know she doesn't like to drive in inclement weather....however, As Hurricane Irene was approaching, one of her best friends had planned a party for the evening, and as much as she doesn't like to drive in the rain, she doesn't like to miss a party. Needless to say she braved the storm (And Tim personifying it) and we had a grand old time at the party!

Cassie: I have to admit that I didn't take this picture today, but there are many trees currently in bloom due to the warm weather we have been having lately. Today got into the high 60's. The birds were chirping again this morning and I am convinced that Puxatony Phil was wrong. I love NC weather because you get to experience all of the seasons, but every now and then you will get a warm day with blue skies. Def helps me get through the winter blues. I didn't realize how much the weather affected me until I moved back home to NJ after I graduated college. I swear there were gray skies from October to about winter blues!

Amy: Oh let it snow!!! I'm dying for a white winter wonderland...and a snow day! I can't handle these moderately cold temperatures with RAIN! Reminds me of New Zealand and we all know how I returned from that trip... with celiac disease and a fake tan!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#6 - Coffee Break

Lauren: Coffee break??!! Who needs coffee when you can drink hot lemon water? I like to pretend that I'm a coffee drinker, and do prefer a sip or two of Starbuck's Pike Place or an Americano, with a little skim and 1/2 a Splenda; however, anyone that knows me has long since realized that I have yet to drink an entire cup of coffee when ordered. And so, I stick to what tastes best, and what me and this little baby of mine are craving: water with lemon, and a side of lemon.

Cassie: With a humpday topic of Coffee Break, people that know me knew that there would be a picture of my Starbucks cup for this post. This morning I used my Free Birthday drink from Starbucks and got a nice cold venti iced coffee. That wasn't my only Starbucks birthday gift...Allison you ROCK! I mean going to Starbucks isn't something I do every morning, but it's my treat. I don't get my hair or nails done really so I don't feel too bad about my addiction....

Amy: I take my coffee break Vietnamese style, well except for the American travel mug! We bought this dark roasted coffee while in Ho Chi Minh City, paroosing the chinatown market. It is delicious, but very strong! I don't have it every morning because then we will run out of it quickly, and it takes some time to drip. So, it is only for special occasions. Today is just that day!

Karen: I seem to be living everyone's coffee break these days! I am now working my new job at Panera... Ok so most of it is lunch break- not as much coffee. But we do have an espresso machine. I was training in the barista position today and was excited for the excitement from what I had experienced during my college days as a barista for Starbucks in downtown Boston. much for that. I quickly learned that this is one of the slowest positions at Panera! So much for an exciting day- but at least I didn't real a sweat!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

#5 - A Cloud

Amy: This is the view from our back patio - and the clouds from the other evening. Marko took this picture. The clouds looked eerie, and he realized how much he'll miss our view when we move. I agree. It's not a very nice view by anyone's standards, but it's a familiar one. Many good memories were made and pictures taken with this background!

Lauren: When I woke up this morning it was cold, foggy, and somewhat dreary on the drive to work. Fast-forward to the end of my day, and this is the beautiful sky that greeted me on my way home. Yes, perhaps it wasn't the best idea to take this picture from my iPhone while driving on the Mass Pike; however, I knew it would be dark by the time I arrived home! The perfect ending to a very long day...

Cassie: I love night clouds.

Karen: I know I'm late, but there were no clouds by me on Wednesday and then yesterday got away from me. These are the clouds I just flew through though to meet up with Cassie and Lauren! Looking forward to a great weekend!