Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#20 Green

Amy: Greens in a green bowl with Pumpkin Seed Oil.  Yum! Pumpkin seed oil, my new addiction. It's ever flowing in Austria and much more affordable there than here.  I was so excited when our friends brought us two bottles!! I've been putting it on everything...You must try some!!

Cassie: Green is my favorite color (singing in the Aerosmith 'Pink' song)! So I def had a hard time trying to think of what green picture I would do for this post. Do I take a picture of my closet, with my many many green shirts and even  a pair of pants!?!? But these came in the mail last week. I designed them with my mom when we went to Palm Beach this spring. Note that these are NOT Jack Rogers they are the original Palm Beach Sandal that was originally created for Jackie O in the 60's ( It was a wonderful weekend and I will always be able to think of it when I look at these sandals!

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