Thursday, April 19, 2012

#16 Work

Cassie: This happened with the first round of this blog, but it's perfect timing for this topic. With changes in life comes changes in work and I am currently "advancing on all fronts simultaneously". Thinking about how to capture this week in photo I immediately thought of Dilbert and someecards. Both are always spot on with the humor of daily corporate life, especially of the standard worker bee.

Amy: My work this week was spent in Cape Town, South Africa, where I presented my poster of my dissertation findings at the World Association for Infant Mental Health's 13th Annual World Congress.  What an experience this trip was! The conference was inspiring, the scenery was striking, and the people were very friendly and hospitable.  Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same for the social and political situation.  The disparity between the classes and races was extremely unsettling; I think that I learned more this week at work from dealing with my experiences as a white woman traveler, dealing with the privilege of race and background and imprisonment from breaches of safety and security, than I did from any lecture! Although I would not want to do this every week, as it was exhausting, my perspective and goals for my work will forever be different.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

#15 Hobby

Amy: Hobby? What's that? I haven't had much time over the last few years to even think of hobbies, let alone do them. But the times are a changin'! Marko bought me a semi-professional camera for my 30th birthday, and I cried. It was the first time that I actually thought it'd be possible to have a hobby, something I've been longing for...and it made me so happy. This is a picture I took last month of the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO. I plan to take many more pictures of NYC before we leave for Spain.

Cassie: There was a funny Someecard that said 'Pintrest is really just electronic hording', but I disagree. I actually have used this site for dressing in the morning with the outfit inspirations, made dinners with the recipes and have done some of the crafts that I pin on the site. When I was younger I used to do all sorts of projects like this and Pintrest has def sparked my creative juices again! I made this bracelet at a local bead store called 'Ornamenta' with my friend. The double wrap is def the way to go :) I used a little bee charm as the clasp due to my love of honey and slight obsession with the current plight of bees. I look forward to going with the winner of the challenge from the week of the refrigerator post to make her one as her prize.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

#14 My Calendar

Amy: I transitioned from my notebook-sized paper calendar to outlook about a year ago. It is super convenient especially since I can sync my work and personal calendars, although challenging when your phone gets lost, stolen, or goes out of commission. I also still don't like how I can't scan the entire calendar for information, but have to click on each day. Still, I've made the switch and just as before, I really rely on my calendar for short term memory is shot.

Cassie: I didn't realize how much I depended on my work calendar until I was laid off at Peoplefluent, not Peopleclick ;) When I was home and looking for a job, I needed to keep track of my appointments and look forward to when I would start my new job. I have kept it up even after my new job has started. I originally tried using the calendar on Google, but it was too technical for me. It was messing up my current appointments that were on my phone. I use my phone for the reminder functionality for different appointments like paying my bills each month, birthdays and free yoga on Sunday's at lululemon.