Wednesday, June 30, 2010

#26 Laundry

Karen: We don't have a laundry room- more like a laundry closet. So over the the past couple of years we have somewhat lacked in our organization of laundry. Instead of putting the dirty clothes in this nicely labeled basket they just form a pile on the bedroom floor. Then when the laundry is finished it is piled on the over sized chair in the living room until it is folded and placed on the ottoman. Then, it maybe gets put away before the next load is piled on top of it.

Cassie: Since our washing machine is located in the kitchen, the dinning room has become the laundry room. If you stop by on laundry day you will see shirts hanging from the chandelier, pants on each chair, and the clothes piled high on the table!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

#25 Art

Karen: Nothing makes me smile more than the natural creativeness of a child. My friend came into the restaurant the other night with her 7 year old daughter and she was able to sit for hours with blank paper and crayons. These are 2 of my favorites she made for me, but there are a ton more! Art is anything that comes from the heart, created by someone for the enjoyment of someone else- and that's exactly what these pictures are for me.
Cassie: Well this is my Art...having bare walls but not being rich I wanted something original and cool but obviously didn't cost too much. I have been able to get some pretty good supplies from Michale's (a craft store). With an idea and an afternoon I have been able to decorate my house pretty nicely. I did the deer head a few years ago. The leaves took a few years to get the right idea and follow through with it. I have another painting in mind, if you get the theme its going to be another simple silhouette. I am able to free hand pretty good and color in the lines :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#24 Key Chain

Karen: So before I took this picture I never realized how much crap I don't use is on my keychain. First there's the bottle opener...honestly if you asked me if I had a bottle opener and my keys were in my pocket- I would say no. I didn't even know it! Then there's all the bar code tabby things....don't even know what stores I have on there and quite frankly I don't use any of them. I also have my car unlock thingy that hasn't worked in about 2 years or more....guess I can take that off too. The COACH keychain I do like though. I received it from a family friend for a graduation present (honestly I couldn't tell you if it was high school or college) but I know I've had it for a long time. It actually unclips and is a picture frame inside. I have never put anything in the sleeves though....oh well. I think I'm gonna go unclutter my keychain now. :)

Cassie: My brother got me this key chain for Christmas this year and I love it. There is a valet key ring that I put my house key on. Its great to pop in my pocket if I am going for a walk or strolling around the village.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

#23 Love

Karen: Ok so I added 2 pics....The first one is of my parents on their wedding day October 6th, 1970....the second from my wedding day July 3rd 2008. Weddings of course symbolize love and the first thing I think of when discussing love is my husband. As we approach our second anniversary I can only hope we make it to 40 like my parents have and even longer! I feel like we are a minority to some degree, both coming from families of still married parents...Tim's parents will celebrate their 49th anniversary the day before ours!

Cassie: Love comes in all forms and my boyfriend shows me love in many ways. He and some buddies helped take down and put up the new microwave in our kitchen. It wasn't easy and it took a few hours but I really love it and it looks awesome.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

#22 My Shoes

Karen: Sorry I'm late on my post.... I've actually been packing up some of my shoes for the anticipated move back home...I don't think I'll need my winter boots anymore! So these are my classic black Stuart Weitzman pumps. They were actualty my mother's from her NYC working days. It goes to show you how well a good pair of shoes can last the test of time. I firmly believe that it's ok to spend a little more $$ for shoes. They are usually more comfortable the more you spend and the better quality so that they last longer. Too bad I'm cheap and poor so I have to steal them from my mom!!

Cassie: My shoes, just like everything else, is organized. I am such a neat freak that sometimes I need to just make a mess to be more normal. My favorite are always in view and my latest pair is super comfortable and pretty stylish. Everytime I wear them I am looking at them a lot hehe. I love shoes but I ensure that all are great looking but still comfortable. I think that I am more aware of this when I get shoes now, cause if they aren't comfortable to wear I dont wear them. I mainly wear rainbow sandles all summer and my frye cowboy boots all winter or when it rains out. I hate wet toes!